Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on
04 / 07 / 2016

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Choose the perfect daybed to rest on | Day beds are one of the most versatile and functional pieces of furniture you can have. They serve as both extra seating and a spare bed when needed. Indeed, these pieces of furniture can fit easily into offices, studios or libraries, modern living rooms, or even a dressing room. Day beds are also a synonym of glamour and leisure!
Today, Home Décor Ideas is going to help you choosing the perfect day beds to rest on!

Privê DayBed by Koket Daybed Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on Priv   Day Bed by Koket 1 e1467641143117

Nothing can be more elegant than this gorgeous daybed by Koket. Not exactly flirtatious, certainly not sweet, the Privê Day Bed guarantees sensuous drama. Can you imagine how seductive a living room can be with a piece like this one?

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Luxury Living Room Daybed Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on Luxury Living Room e1467640992430

One day bed can the perfect look for a sophisticated home office. It offers both additional seating and a spare bed for guests, while creating a very elegant interior design set.

Day beds decor ideas Daybed Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on Daybed decor ideas e1467640460543

A dark daybed is unique and very chic. With some modern rugs with funky patterns around it, this daybed is perfect for a contemporary home.

Modern day beds Daybed Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on Modern day beds

Create a luxury corner perfect for an afternoon snooze with an elegant day bed. Brighten the space with serene artwork and add a side table for books and relaxing cocktail.

Modern interiors  Daybed Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on Modern interiors with day beds

A colorful day bed in a modern office makes a good reading spot. Pillows in different textures, a colorful lamp, and walls with patterns add touches of modernity to this design set.

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bedrooms with day beds Daybed Choose the Perfect Daybed to Rest on bedrooms with day beds

Modern daybeds instantly add elegance to any bedroom. Match the color of the daybed with the surrounding walls to give it a seamless feel and adding vibrancy through patterns. Decorating with flowers adds another layer of luxury to a modern bedroom.

Which is your favorite daybed? Please tell us your opinion about How to Choose the Perfect Day bed to Rest on comments below.
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