2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends

The year of 2016 has barely started but it´s already being a revolutionary year regarding color trends. These days many designers prefer to decorate with light colors, however, they don´t want their projects to look like a blank canvas. Thus, many of them started to think of alternative ways to keep their projects light but not white. Today, Home Decor Ideas is happy to introduce you the next big color trend that is taking over homes everywhere in 2016: the Mint color.

Indeed, Minty Home Decor Trend has already spread to all the rooms in the house and can be mixed with several colors, such as navy blue and pale pink. Pinterest recently named “minty home decor” as one of the top searches of 2016. Thus, Home Decor Ideas has selected some of the most beautiful minty interiors to inspire you for Spring!

 Minty Dining Room Ideas:

Minty Living Room Ideas color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends Minty Living Room
color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends bl soho collection 750
Minty details, such as these beautiful chairs and luxury chandelier, can turn a simple dining room set into a sophisticated interior.

Minty Living Room Ideas:

Minty Living Room Walls - Color Trends color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends Minty Living Room Walls e1455797235356
Minty walls give a special and unique touch to this modern living room decoration. Minty and white are a simple but very contemporary combination that will enhance the beauty of any living room!

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Minty Kitchen Ideas:

Minty Kitchen Ideas - Color Trends color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends Minty Kitchen Ideas e1455797497610Minty furniture is also a huge home decor trend for 2016! Just imagine how much easier would be cooking in such a breezy modern kitchen! Isn´t this just perfect for Spring?

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Minty Office Ideas:

minty modern office interior - color trends color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends Minty Office Ideas e1455797847203
color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends dl heritage 750Don’t want to trade in your office furniture just yet? Add a minty touch to you modern office decor and turn your office into a contemporary workplace!

Minty Bedroom Ideas:

Minty bathroom ideas - Color Trends color trends 2016 Most Beautiful Color Trends Minty bathroom ideas e1455798139166
Looking for bathroom color trends inspirations for Spring? What about going minty and sophisticated? Minty furniture is just spot on for Spring!

Which one is your favorite minty interior? Please tell us your opinion about these minty interiors on comments below.
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