Modern design floor lamp for luxury home

[tps_header]Floor lamps may be the perfect lighting design and decoration piece that is missing in your luxury home. There is a large sea of options when it comes to choose the right light room and today we present you an amazing selection of 20 modern floor lamps. From vintage lamp to contemporary lamp design, you will be inspired with some amazing lighting solutions from the best lighting brands.

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Skyscraper modern floor lamps by Boca do Lobo modern floor lamps Top 20 Modern Floor Lamps Skyscraper modern floor lamps by Boca do Lobo

Uniqueness, emotion and passion are Boca do Lobos important keywords. The colors and the refined materials of its astonishing décor pieces are the principal features of this luxury Portuguese brand. Skyscraper floor lamps are no exception. In fact, they are one of our most original and exquisite décor pieces.