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Creative Bookcase Ideas | From innovative bookshelves built into stairs to floor-to-ceiling bookcases, these bookshelf ideas for living rooms, the study and beyond are just as inspiring as the books that fill them. Even if you are not a fan of reading, you can recognize that a modern bookcase has the ability to make a brilliant statement.
Today Home Decor Ideas has selected some Creative Bookcase Ideas to inspire you for the relaxing summer days.

Coleccionista bookcase Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas Coleccionista bookcase 2

The library speaks a great deal about personality, as well as about the readers themselves. The Coleccionista bookcase by Boca do Lobo is a cultivated furniture piece that features an adjustable set-up, where users can personalize its shelves with different drawers and storage units in many several exquisite finishes.
Featuring 16 of Boca do Lobo’s finest design elements and finishes, such as the azulejo, or translucent color on a metallic leaf coat, the Coleccionista brings out the best in your library.

Original Bookcase Ideas Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas creative bookcase 1

The asymmetrical bookcases are focused either on minimalism and abstract functionality. This wooden bookcase is a genuine proof that style, functionality and creativity can be mix into something beautiful.

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original bookcase ideas Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas original bookcase ideas

Sculptural pieces, as we can see here are not only about the looks, they can be functional and trendy as well. In this interior design set, the map of the USA bookcase is a true creative statement piece.

Original Bookcase Ideas Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas Trendy Bookcases e1467975250989

Placed at a white wall, this marvelous bookcase will catch your attention every time your look is pointed towards the surroundings. Almost like an entire circle, this bookcase reminds you that you have a long way down until finishing all those books.

Original Bookcase Ideas Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas elegant bookcases

In the matter of revolutionary creativity, these bookcases are true winners. These tree inspired bookcases are an homage to nature without forgetting style, elegance, and functionality.

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Modern Bookcase Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas Modern Bookcase 1 e1467976107331

These bookcases are perfect for those who seek for the best of both worlds. In this design set, you can find a perfect match of a wall bookshelf with a modern bookcase. These feature an organic shape with storage spaces that vary both in shape and size.

Original Bookcase Ideas Bookcase Ideas Creative Bookcase Ideas tree bookcase

The tree-like bookcases will break the monotony from a traditional interior design set. This original bookcase is made with a single-cast plastic and can be both used against the wall or in the center of a room, allowing access on both sides to the “tree branches” where the books are.

Which is your favorite Trendy Bookcase? Please tell us your opinion about these Trendy Bookcase Ideas on comments below.
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