Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes dinner parties with friends, co-workers, and family, and that’s the perfect opportunity to unveil your luxury interior. So today we will unravel the best Home Decor Ideas for a luxury dinner party to make everyone jealous of your interior design. Enjoy!

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With the style of a precious jewel, the Diamond Emerald sideboard, colored in, will make a splash in any dining room you place it.

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The exterior of this fanciful piece is presented in silver leaf finished with a luxurious shade of translucent green emerald with high gloss varnish.

From the legend born in the depths of Sherwood Forest, the Robin Mirror embodies the strength and character of noble ages, giving them a modern approach, perfect for your living room after party,

By honoring the history of one of the best archers in English literature, this exquisite piece was given a strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in their finishing, size and character.

The Emporium chair is designed in a classic form, with distinctive design elements and a unique Boca do Lobo touch, proving to be an eye-catching piece in our luxury dinner party.

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Drawing inspiration from the surrealist movement, cast in a unique shape with intricate details, this exclusive chair radiates a sense of fun, yet maintaining its sophisticated character.

Pixel is an effort to honor the union between design and craftsmanship.The polished brass base gives Pixel a unique personality, a strong and at the same time sophisticated character.

The 1088 triangles that complete this piece carry the dedication and art of those who built it – with a diversity of finishes never seen before.

The hand carved details of the intricate marquetry design and finishes in the Royal dining table, are executed with amazing precision by experienced artisans. A real statement piece for your luxury party.

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This extraordinary piece combines new design and architecture trends but never forgetting the rich tradition of the past.

Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

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